Meet the 2018 Team


Van Reuangrith | Facility Manager

Van became involved in camp as a full time staff member in BC in 2008. He never attended camp as a kid, and didn't know such havens existed. He fell in love with summer camp and all it offers to kids. He and his family have been a full time camp family for the last 10 summers. In fall 2012-2013 they moved to Maskepetoon. After a four year adventure serving at another camp in Alberta he is very happy to be back at Maskepetoon. Van loves learning new skills to help better the camp! In the famous words of toddler superhero Bob the Builder "Can we fix it!? Yes we can!"


Kayla Reuangrith | Administrative Assistant

If you send an email or place a call to the camp, Kayla is the person you will meet. Kayla and her husband, Van, have been inolved in full time camp ministry for a decade. Kayla couldn't imagine spending her life and raising their children anywhere more valuable. She also couldn't be more blessed to be in residence. They live in Rinas (the first building coming up the drive way) at Maskepetoon, year round. Her personal favourite part of summer camp is themes ... from intensely organizing costumes, or making a 100 green themed snacks for a theme supper, she's your gal. She beleive summer camp has a great ability to transform the lives of people young and old. You will probably see their children around the property, as they all like to be involved. Their whole gang is: Chris (14) Tai (13) Jacob (8) Charlotte (6) and Kham (3). They also have a grown daughter Celina (22) who has their first two grand babies Elijah and Isabella.


Riku | Assistant Director

Camp Favourites:

  • Favourite thing about camp is playing Quest, because of all the unique ideas that go into it!


Pebbles | First Aider

Camp Favourites:

  • Being outdoors

  • Campfires


Leo | Head Cook

Camp Favourites:

  • Obviously the food!


Opal | Programmer

Camp Favourites:

  • Spirits!

  • Favourite camp memory is an air band routine that won most entertaining


Twig | Programmer

Camp Favourites:

  • Singing silly songs at campfire and just being able to be wacky everyday


Lilac | Programmer

Camp Favourites:

  • Performing at campfire

  • Hiking to the outback every week


Neptune | Sr. Counsellor / Lifeguard

Camp Favourites:

  • Free swim

  • Sleeping under the stars at outback

  • Getting to meet many wonderful people!


Delta | Counsellor

Camp Favourites:

  • Night games

  • Time by the lake



Sparrow | Counsellor

Camp Favourites:

  • Camp songs

  • Getting to know all the wonderful people


Yondu | Counsellor

Camp Favourites:

  • Wide games

  • Early morning wake-up calls


Wolverine | Counsellor

Camp Favourites:

  • Camp is for everyone - everyone can find a place at camp where they belong


Mercury | Counsellor

Camp Favourites:

  • Sleeping under the stars