Meet the 2019 Team

Stardust | Program Director


Stardust is joining the Camp Maskepetoon squad for the first time this year! She has been working with children and youth at camps, in schools and as a volunteer volleyball coach for almost a decade. There's no shortage of diversity in Stardust's educational background. She has had the privilege of studying physical education, public relations, yoga, personal training, holistic nutrition, and energy medicine. Her experience at camp both as a camper and member of the leadership team have been some of the most joyful and memorable times of her life. She has a deep love for nature, yoga, the universe, and all living beings. Stardust looks forward to bringing a magical touch to camp this summer.


Pebbles | First Aider

This is Pebbles' second year at camp as first aider. She just recently graduated from the University of Alberta's Nursing degree program and is a Registered Nurse. Pebbles can hardly wait to get back to camp for another great year. Her favourite things to do at camp are canoeing, swimming in the lake and outback. 

Cookie | Head Cook


Cookie has been attending Camp Maskepetoon since she was 9 years old and loves it so much that she is returning as Head Cook; a position she first held in 1987!  Over the years Cookie has volunteered as a counsellor, program assistant, pot washer, weekly program director, first aider, alumni liaison, and even bus greeter.  After graduating from the University of Alberta’s Education program, she had a career in Indigenous Education. Cookie has a variety of interests including reading, history, needlework, dogs and of course baking and cooking. She is looking forward to feeding a new generation of camp people this summer with both new recipes and old favourites.  She is also excited to work with and learn from the 2019 Camp Team. 


Opal | Assistant Cook

Opal has been going to Camp Maskepetoon since he was six years old. He has been a camper, volunteer, counsellor, programer and assistant cook. He is going into the Computer Engineering Technology program at NAIT this September, and also has a lot of passion for sports of all kinds. He is super excited for all the wide games like Capture the Flag and night activities like Star Tipping.

BIrd | Programmer


Bird was introduced to Camp Maskepetoon at the age of 3. She has attended camp as a camper, counsellor, and for her third summer as a staff member, she will be returning as a programmer. A student at Concordia University, Bird plans to pursue a career in elementary education. As a future teacher, she enjoys educating others and learning through new experiences. In her time off, she enjoys hiking, reading, and doing crafts. She can’t wait for the summer to begin and is very excited for outback and singing songs around the campfire with her friends. 

Clover | Programmer


Clover is very excited to be celebrating her 10th summer at Camp Maskepetoon! She has been to camp as a camper, volunteer, counsellor, and now a programmer. Clover is going into her final year at the University of Alberta in Elementary Education, and especially enjoys working with children who have special needs. Her other passions include dogs, creating art, and The Lord of the Rings. Clover is looking forward to the summer sunshine, making new friends at camp, and getting cozy by the campfire.  

Neptune | Programmer / Lifeguard


This is Neptune’s 12th summer out at camp. She has been a camper, volunteer, Counsellor and now is returning as a programmer. Neptune currently attends MacEwan University and is working on a Nursing Degree. In her free time she can be found hanging out with her dog Archie, talking to her dad about hockey, or taking a dip in the pool. Neptune is so excited to be returning to camp to do some canoeing and sing her heart out at campfire. 

Wolverine | Mentor Counsellor

Camp Pic Option 2.jpg

This will be Wolverine's sixth summer working at Camp Maskepetoon and he's loved watching the past couple generations of campers grow up before his eyes. Wolverine has had many adventures (and more than a few misadventures) at camp, and as Mentor Counsellor this summer, he is excited to impart some of his hard-earned wisdom and experience to the younger counsellors. His favourite parts of camp are Campfire, Wide Games, and conversations with his cabins. This fall, Wolverine will begin studying Public Relations, a field he became interested in after getting the opportunity to run Maskepetoon's social media accounts. He loves reading, writing, and a good mystery.

Lilac | Counsellor


As a second-generation Maskepetooner, Lilac has been a camper, a volunteer, programmer, and now a counsellor over the course of eleven years. She loves to dance and read in her spare time, and she is looking forward to hiking up to outback every week and performing her heart out at campfire!


Delta | Counsellor

Delta has been to Camp Maskepetoon for six non-consecutive years as a camper, a volunteer, and a counsellor! This will be her second year as a counsellor! Delta is going into her fourth year in the education program at the University of Alberta. She is very excited to spend lots of time in the sun playing sports games and swimming!


Sparrow | Counsellor

Sparrow will be back for her second summer as a counsellor here at Camp Maskepetoon. Having completed her second year of a Bachelor's in psychology at the University of Alberta, Sparrow can't wait to get back to playing games outdoors and singing songs around the campfire. She is excited to share her enthusiasm, see old friends and make new ones too! 

Timber | Counsellor


Timber has spent almost a decade as a member of the Camp Maskepetoon family. He has a diploma in radio and television arts from NAIT and is going back to school this September to complete a communication degree with a major in journalism at MacEwan University. Timber is most excited for swimming in the lake and singing songs around the campfire! 


Mercury | Counsellor

Mercury is so excited to come back to Camp for his 4th year. He has worked as a volunteer and a counsellor. In September he is starting a Bachelor of Arts at Concordia and with a major in music he loves campfire songs of all varieties. As a former Scout, he loves to hike, canoe and play sports games.

Poncho | Counsellor


Onto his 6th year here at Camp Maskepetoon, Poncho is excited to pass on the traditions of camp to the new generation of campers. He is passionate about the outdoors, and will never pass up the opportunity to sing and play the guitar on his free time. He is excited to be back at camp and take part in all the wacky adventures the summer will bring!

Flora | Counsellor

image1 (1).jpeg

Flora has been attending camp since she was 7 years old, making this year her 11th summer at Camp Maskepetoon. Combining her love for the outdoors and music, Flora enjoys playing her ukulele to liven up the cabin and campfires. Her favourite time of day is when everyone gathers around the campfire to sing their favourite songs.

Lemon | Counsellor


Lemon is pumped to be working as a counsellor at Camp Maskepetoon!  She has been a camper and volunteer at this camp since she was ten years old.  She loves working with young people and has volunteered at her school as a supportive mentor for elementary kids.  Lemon is also excited to share some of her cool knowledge with campers. She knows some Spanish, how to salsa dance, and a little bit of yoga.  She is also starting to learn how to play the piano. Lemon’s experience at camp has always been magical and she is most excited to sing with everyone at campfire, spend time outside, and be inspired by all the awesome people at camp!

Van Reuangrith | Facility Manager


Van became involved in camp as a full time staff member in BC in 2008. He never attended camp as a kid, and didn't know such havens existed. He fell in love with summer camp and all it offers to kids. He and his family have been a full time camp family for the last 10 summers. In fall 2012-2013 they moved to Maskepetoon. After a four year adventure serving at another camp in Alberta he is very happy to be back at Maskepetoon. Van loves learning new skills to help better the camp! In the famous words of toddler superhero Bob the Builder "Can we fix it!? Yes we can!"

Kayla Reuangrith | Administrative Assistant


If you send an email or place a call to the camp, Kayla is the person you will meet. Kayla and her husband, Van, have been involved in full time camp ministry for a decade. Kayla couldn't imagine spending her life and raising their children anywhere more valuable. She also couldn't be more blessed to be in residence. They live in Rinas (the first building coming up the drive way) at Maskepetoon, year round. Her personal favourite part of summer camp is themes ... from intensely organizing costumes, or making a 100 green themed snacks for a theme supper, she's your gal. She believe summer camp has a great ability to transform the lives of people young and old. You will probably see their children around the property, as they all like to be involved. Their whole gang is: Chris, Tai, Jacob, Charlotte, and Kham. They also have a grown daughter, Celina, who has their first two grand babies, Elijah and Isabella.