Is transportation provided?

Campers may arrive at camp by car or they may take the bus from South Edmonton. The drop off and pick up location is the Southeast Corner of the Louis St. Laurent School (11230 43 Ave) Parking lot. There are no pickups en route.

On the first day of camp, the buses depart from Louis St. Laurent High School at 5:30 pm (Arrive at camp between 6:30 and 7:00 pm). Please arrive at the buses at least 15 minutes prior for check in and loading of your luggage.

On the last day of camp, the buses return to Louis St. Laurent High School between 3:30 and 4:00pm. (Depart from camp at 2:30 pm) Please note that campers not taking the bus MUST be picked up by 2:30pm at camp or they will be transported by bus to the Southeast Corner of the Louis St. Laurent School Parking lot.

If you are not taking the bus out to camp you may arrive at camp between 6:00 and 6:45.

Is dinner provided on the first night of camp?

Dinner is provided on the first night of camp.

Can we contact our child while they are at camp?

Feel free to send your child mail while they are at camp. The mailing address to the campsite is: Camper Name, Camp #c/o Camp Maskepetoon RR#1 Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0

In order to arrive on time, mail should probably be sent before your child has even arrived at camp.

We prefer that parents not call their children or visit, as this presents a number of logistical issues and can often have the unintended consequence of initiating homesickness. If you feel you must call your child at camp, please contact the camp registrar. Contact info can be found on the Contact Page . We welcome parents to meet with staff and explore the camp upon arrival on the first night, or when picking up your child on the last day. We also invite you to attend the Camp open house, on June 4, 2017 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

How can we find out what our child is doing at Camp?

We invite all parents to follow Camp Maskepetoon on Facebook or Instagram. Staff do their best to feature a variety of campers and activities on these pages.

How does the camp handle homesick campers?

Generally, campers are so engaged with activities that they don't even think about what is going on at home. However, some campers do miss home and we have a variety of strategies for dealing with such cases.During these times, campers receive extra attention from our empathetic  program staff to talk about home. Often a distraction such as a bedtime story, a borrowed teddy bear or blanket and the promise of fun activities still to come is enough. Once campers are engaged in activities again, they forget they were homesick at all. Campers may be encouraged to write a letter to mail home. We try to discourage phone calls home, as in our professional experience, this often escalates homesickness. In cases of persistent homesickness, staff will contact parents to discuss strategies and options.

In order to help minimize homesickness before campers attend camp, spend some time talking with your child about what they will be doing. Go through the daily schedule with them. Share some pictures and video from camp. Attend the Open house in May, meet the staff, and take a tour. Have practice sleep-overs with friends or relatives.

Is camp accredited by any camping organizations?

Camp Maskepetoon is accredited by the United Church Camping Association and the Alberta Camping Association.  As such, we have demonstrated that we continually meet high standards in human resources, program delivery, facility safety, camper management, and food services.

What is the camper to staff ratio?

We typically host around 75 campers a week. Each cabin has one counsellor who is a paid, adult staff member as well as a volunteer junior counsellor . Counsellors are responsible for providing round-the-clock care and ensuring that their campers have a positive experience. This works out to a ratio of about 7 campers to one staff member. When volunteer counsellors, program, and leadership staff are included, the ratio is closer to 3 campers to one supervisor -a higher than industry-average rate.

What percentage of campers return each year?

It is common for many campers to return year after year and eventually become camp counsellors at Camp Maskepetoon! Typically we see a return rate of around 60%.

What is the refund policy?

Notice of cancellation must be given at least 4 weeks prior to the camp start date for a refund (minus a $50 cancellation fee). No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 4 weeks of the camp part date. Refunds will not be issued for campers who attend camp and leave partway through the week. Please note that a charge of $20 will be levied for all NSF cheques.

What kinds of credentials do your staff have?

All staff are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR. Our lifeguards are certified by the National Lifeguarding Society. All our staff are subject to police record checks. Many of our staff are post-secondary students in programs such as education and recreation, or already certified as teachers.

Do campers choose their own activities?

We have a variety of programming that allows campers to choose some activities while enjoying all the favorites with the whole camp. A typical day at camp, complete with activity descriptions may be seen on the Day at Camp page. 

Does this camp do Bible study?

While we are run under the auspices of the United Church, we do not do bible study nor do we engage in conversion tactics. We recognize that our campers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and we welcome and affirm ALL people. Our Spirits program focuses on values such as friendship, sharing, and belonging and we always begin each meal with a fun song of thanks.

What is the food like?

Camp serves a wide variety of healthy, well-balanced kid-friendly meals. Fruits and vegetables are served with all meals, and are available both during afternoon snack and evening cocoa. Typical favorites include spaghetti, roast chicken, pizza, hamburgers, tacos, quesadillas, pork chops, pierogi, and french toast.

How are prescription & other medications administered?

We ask that parents fully disclose medications that their child will need throughout the week. Medication should be sent along with the child in the original packaging or blister packs with full instructions. Upon arrival at camp, our first aid attendant will collect, log and safely secure all medications. Light remedies, such as tylenol and cough syrup, will be administered only with your permission as indicated on the registration form. As per our policy, all drug administration is documented.

How do I collect my child's lost and found?

Lost and Found is held at Camp until September 30, at which time it is donated. To inquire about lost and found items, please contact our facility manager.

Is there anything I should not bring to camp?

Please leave all valuables, electronics (including iPods and Cellphones), and knives at home. While camp is generally a safe and secure place, personal items sometimes do go missing or are damaged unintentionally, so choose with caution what you want to bring with you.

What should I bring to camp?

A list of what to bring can be downloaded from the What to Bring page or from the following links:

What is the Camp's privacy policy?

Information collected on campers, their parents/guardians, on hired staff volunteers will be kept confidential and used only on a need to know basis for the operation of the summer camp sessions. Medical information will be shared only with the Program Director, First Aider, and camper's counsellor. The First Aider or Program Director will only share this information with other hired staff members if that information is required and only if it is in the best interests of the child.

Collection of personal information is limited to only what is necessary for the safe and efficient running of the summer camp sessions for children. The medical and registration forms outline what is required information. These forms are signed by parents/guardians to give permission to use the information in the limited fashion as outlined above.

Addresses and registration information of the summer campers will be kept confidential and only used to mail out relevant future camp news and sessions. Camp Maskepetoon will not share or sell any of this information with any other organization or individual.

Any volunteer or hired summer staff resumes and files will be kept in a confidential manner and not shared with anyone outside of the Camp Maskepetoon Hiring Committee and Program Director. The information is kept in strict confidentiality by the Hiring Committee.

This policy, as outlined, is available for any individual giving us personal information. This policy is available through our staff manual, board manual, and website.

Any individual who has concerns about Camp Maskepetoon's compliance with this Policy will have their concerns addressed and have a written response by the Board of Directors to their satisfaction. Contact the facility administrator, as outlined on the website, with any concerns regarding privacy and protection of personal information.

The Camp Maskepetoon registration brochure clearly identifies that Camp Maskepetoon obtains parental or guardian permission to use photos and video of campers for promotional purposes.