Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Camp Maskepetoon

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Camp Maskepetoon

Thank You

Camp Maskepetoon is grateful for the thousands of alumni who fondly remember their time spent at camp. We are pleased to have played a positive role in the lives of so many young people and are proud of all the incredible work that our alumni go on to accomplish. We are equally thankful for the role that our alumni have played in building camp into what it is today and helping us to carry on the traditions that make Camp so great. 

Thank You, HONORARY Board Members

Camp Maskepetoon is particularly grateful for the dedicated efforts of the following honorary board members:

  • Al Asselstine

  • Allison Barnes

  • George Bell

  • Shane Bell

  • Diane Brunka

  • Janet Fairweather

  • Cathy Martin

We Are GrAteful

Camp Maskepetoon is also grateful for the contributions of the honorary board members who have passed away:

  • W.T Mel Fowler

  • Mae Nix

  • Reverend A.E. King

  • Gerry Alexander

  • Don Haliburton

  • Stamn Pollard

  • Mary Asselstine

  • Charlie Blackwood

  • Vince Walters

  • Don Humphrey

  • Ray Dewson

  • Orville Dove

  • Stan Asselstine

  • Art Gregg

  • John Duke

Alumni Recognition Award

To commemorate our 60th anniversary, Camp Maskepetoon inaugerated an annual award to honour the contributions of alumni who continue to support Camp through voluntary service or financial contributions. These alumni embody the values of Maskepetoon.

  • Liz & Ian Scott

  • Blaine & Patti Gregg

  • Aran McCullagh

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Gerry Alexander celebrating a birthday at Camp Maskepetoon